Schultz, Ulrike

Ulrike Schultz, Akad. Oberrätin

FernUniversität in Hagen

Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

Lehrstuhl für Deutsches und Europäisches Verfassungs- und Verwaltungsrecht sowie Völkerrecht

Universitätsstr. 21

58084 Hagen

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I am a lawyer and Senior Academic at the FernUniversität Hagen,
Germany (the German distance-learning university). After heading the Law Faculty’s Teaching and Learning Unit for thirty years I have moved back into the law faculty specialising on questions of gender and law. I am active in many functions in the university´s equal opportunity work. I work as communication trainer for lawyers and the judiciary. My particular specialism for many years has been media work. I have set up and organised several further education programmes, such as Law Related Education, Women and Law, Legal Skills Training, and Virtual International Gender Studies. I have published widely in all these fields. I have co-edited and co-authored books on women and law, images of women, women and demographic change, women´s rights in Europe etc.

I am a founding member of the working group on Legal Professions in the RCSL, since 1994 I have been heading the subgroup on Women/Gender in the Legal Profession and since 2010 I am head of the Legal Profession Group. In 1999 I have organised together with Gisela Shaw a workshop at the IISL in Onati, resulting in the book “Women in the World´s Legal Professions” and another workshop on “gender and judging” together with Sally Kenney and Gisela Shaw in June 2009. We have also edited two special issues of the International Journal of the Legal Profession on these subjects. I am member of the International Advisory Board of the Journal.

I have participated in many socio-legal projects in English language, e.g. on legal ethics, legal education, study of the professions. I am member of the RCSL board, board member of the IISL in Onati, and am actively involved in the work for a World Consortium on Law and Society.

I am an EU ethics-consultant and consultant for an accreditation agency. Since 2009 I have been teaching “Self-Presentation, Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation and Mediation” in the Onati Socio-Legal Master.
Current projects: Women in Leading Positions of the Judiciary. Critical Legal Thinking.

Books and articles in English comprising:

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