Law and Society Association, Berlin (2007)

I. Gender, Representation, and Judicial Selection: Criteria, Processes and Practices
(Wednesday July 25th 10:15-12 #1207)

Chair: Reg Graycar

Sally J. Kenney: Femocrats and Judicial Selection: Insiders working within for more women judges

Kate Malleson: Rethinking the Merit Principle in Judicial Selection

Margaret Williams: Women’s Representation on High Courts in OECD Countries

Jennifer Koshan: The Women’s Court of Canada””An Experiment in Feminist Judging

Discussant: Beverly Baines

II. Women Judges/Feminist Judges: Different Voices?
(Wednesday July 25th 2:30-4:15 #1407]

Chair: Gisela Shaw

Ulrike Schultz: Do Women Judge Differently?

Rosemary Hunter: What (or Who) is a Feminist Judge?

Revital Ludewig-Kedmi: Gender bias in the judicial decision making process

Rebecca Johnson and Marie-Claire Belleau As a Matter of Fact…”: Recounting ‘The Facts’ in Judicial Dissent”

Discussant: Kristen Scheiwe

III. Gender, Otherness, and Bias in Judging
(Thursday July 26th 8:15-10 #2107]

Chair: Dermot Feenan

Reg Graycar: Gender, Race, Bias and Perspective OR How Otherness Colours Your Judgment

Lucinda Vandervort: Judicial Bias, Sex, Gender, Race, Class on the Canadian Prairies

Anita Bocker: Newcomers in the Judiciary: Ethnic Diversity Among Judges in Old and New Countries of Immigration

Beverly Baines: Critiquing Justice Wilson’s Opinions in Pelech, Morgentaler, and Hess.

Discussant: Marianne Githens

IV. The First Women Judges: Their Experiences and Impact
(Thursday July 26th 2:30-4:15 #2408

Chair: Sally J. Kenney

Jaimie Cameron: The First Four: A Biographical Study of Women Judges at the Supreme Court of Canada in the Era of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.”

Haesock Kim: Opening of the Judiciary in Korea: Hwang Yun-suk and the Pioneer Women Judges from 1952-1990

Elaine Martin: US Women Federal Court Judges: Past and Present

Andrew Martin, Lee Epstein, and Christina Boyd: Untangling the Causal Effects of Sex on Judging

Discussant: Jilda Aliota

Business Meeting Friday 1:30-2:30 #3305

V. Gender, Feminism, and Family Law Judging
(Saturday July 28th 12:30-2:15 #4307)

Chair: t.b.a.

Beatriz Kohen: The Family law Judges of the City of Buenos Aires and Their Gendered Representations

Monique Cardinal: Women Judges and Family Court in Syria

Marianne Breithaupt: Gender Bias in Poor Child Maintenance Arrangements

Winnie Kamau: Women, Families and Dispute Resolution in Kenya: The Impact of Pluralism

Discussant: Sabine Berghahn