Law and Society Association, Montreal (2008)

Gender and Judging I: Women in the Courtroom, Feminism, and Difference (47717)
Thursday 8:15-10

Chair: Rebecca Johnson
Bryna Bogoch, Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Eyal Katvan (NOT on Saturday)
Gender, Judges and Legal Databases: The Publication of Judicial Decisions in Family Law in Israel

Reg Graycar and Jane Wangmann
A feminist adjudication process: is there such a thing? lessons from Grandview

Winifred Kamau
Gendered Dimensions of Judicial Decision Making: The Case of Succession in Kenya

Discussant: Ulrike Schultz

Gender and Judging II: Pioneers, Discourse, and Imagery (47719)
Thursday 12:30-2:15

Chair: Beatriz Kohen

Jilda Alliota
Judge Jennie Loitman Barron: Feminine Judging through the 20th Century

Eyal Katvan Women in a Man’s Toga: The Paradoxical Course of Women’s Integration in the Legal Profession in pre-State Israel and Israel

Les Moran
Death of a Judge: fragments of a historical analysis of the sexual politics of the judiciary

Discussant: Brettel Dawson

Gender and Judging III: Getting There (47723)
Friday 10:15-12

Chair: Kathy Mack

Sally J. Kenney
Meaning, Emotions, and Symbols: Mobilizing for Women Judges

Beatriz Kohen How the media creates difference: the press coverage of the process of nomination of the
two first women to the Argentine Supreme Court

Anne Boigeol
Gender and judging studies with regards to common law/civil law systems

Discussant: Mary Lee Clark

Gender and Judging IV: Women Judges’ Experiences as Workers (47725)
Friday 2:30-4:15

Chair: Anne Boigeol

Ulrike Schultz Broken Rungs in the Ladder: Women judges careers in Germany

Kathy Mack and Sharyn Roach Anleu Women’s Lives, Judge’s Work

Mary Lee Clark Women Judges Speaking Out: Some Reflections on Modes andEfficacy of Women’s Judicial Leadership

Marie-Claire Belleau and Rebecca Johnson
Justice Wilson’s Contributions to the Supreme Court of Canada (1982-1991): Looking at the Numbers

Discussant: Justice Rebecca Shamai